“Medication is bad for you. Changing your diet and yoga will cure you, trust me.” No. Stop.

When you’re sick, apparently everyone thinks it’s okay to force their opinion about your illness down your throat. I don’t understand why people uneducated about medicine, people who don’t even know what’s wrong with me, try to tell me what I should do about my health. Just to be clear, I am not referring to those who genuinely want to help, understand and researched your condition before making a suggestion.

There are so many medication naysayers, people who are outright against any form of medication. To you, I say that unless you are my doctor and have a medical degree, you are not allowed to have an opinion about whether or not I should take my medication.


I don’t know how many times that I’ve heard, <strong><em>”Blah blah blah, you should stop taking those pills, they’re bad for you. You should just try changing your diet and doing yoga, it’ll cure all of your problems.”</em></strong> No. You should stop talking. Do not EVER suggest that diet and yoga will magically make all of my diseases go away. Diet may help some people, but it’s definitely not a cure. And yoga… no. Just no. It may help pain for some, but not everyone is capable of doing yoga and it certainly will NOT heal all of my medical issues. Neither are anywhere close to a cure. Neither can replace any of my medication.

I don’t care if you’re against medication. I don’t care that you think that I should stop taking my pills. Of course, I don’t want to be on medications that cause me horrible side effects, who would ever willingly choose that? I wouldn’t. I don’t want to be on so many medications. I don’t want to take a thousand pills a day. But I do NOT have a choice. My symptoms without the medications are far WORSE than the side effects that come with the medication. Do not criticize something that you do not understand.

If I am severe pain, I will take my pain medication whether you like it or not. Do not judge me because I just don’t try to bear the pain without medication. I’m not any less brave or strong if I decide to treat my pain rather than suffering. I don’t care if you can manage your pain without medication, that’s wonderful for you, but not something that works for me. Our bodies are all different and I personally need my medicine. Who want’s to live a life in constant pain? You wouldn’t last a day in my body if you tried living my life without medication. I’d rather take pain medication to be able to live my life, rather than to suffer and live a low quality standard life.

Please educate yourself before you open your mouth to put down the way someone manages their chronic illness. It’s hard enough being sick, so it is truly unnecessary to be attacked about the medication that is being taken. I realize that many of you are just trying to help, but you really need to understand what’s wrong with us and educate yourself thoroughly before making any sort of judgement or suggestion. I welcome any sort of help anyone is willing to give, just as long as it is an informed opinion.

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