And My Body Falls Apart, Yet Again.

I woke up on Thursday morning and found myself struggling to walk again. It was an overnight relapse. I wish I knew what went wrong.

I need normalcy. I need to know what to expect from my body. I’m exhausted. Nothing is working.

I’m not a superhero. It’ll get better, I’ll be fine, but right now I need glue and tape to keep it together.

I’m okay though. I still have my hat and my smile.

Photo 2015-04-22, 8 43 29 AM

I don’t have it in me to elaborate further right now. I just don’t want to talk about it. But I will. It took me two days to just get what I have written here out as it is. I’ll keep you guys posted though. It’s going to be a rough week, mentally and physically. Stay tuned for more.


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