Plasma Exchange Update, April 2, 2015

I’m back with another update! My neurologist, hematologist and I decided that I need to increase the frequency of my treatment. We are getting more aggressive because although I am getting better, I’m still not where I want to be. Yes, of course I’ve come very far, I am no longer in my wheelchair, but I am still not the picture of health yet. Perhaps I never will be, but I’d like to get as healthy as I possibly can. I will be doing this treatment indefinitely. We will reevaluate my treatment frequency again in 6 months.


Typically during treatment, I am put on those hospital lazy-boy recliners. Unfortunately, my blood pressure has been dropping quite low during treatment so I am put on a stretcher now. Personally, I prefer it, it’s so much comfier!

Anyway, I’m improving now that I am getting treatment done more often. Wanna know something awesome? I am now having moments where my resting pulse is BELOW 100 beats per minute. It’s amazing. It’s unbelievable. It’s astounding. I can’t believe that I’ve finally found treatment that is helping me.

The downside is the whole being in the hospital for treatment part, but it’s honestly worth it. It kinda sucks for the person who accompanies me to my treatment, which is usually my boyfriend. I don’t think he ever saw himself studying on a make shift desk in the hospital beside the albumin that is currently circulating in my bloodstream right now.


Science is amazing. Can you believe that technology can actually do all of this? I am awe struck every single time I see my blood going into the machine and given back to me. How is it possible that so much of my blood is being removed and filtered while I’m just sitting consciously exploring the interwebs on my Macbook?

Sidenote: I will be adding my Plasma Exchange updates to this blog, and backdate them from the very beginning so you can have easy access to the journey I’ve been on from the start.

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