THE WHEELCHAIR HAS ARRIVED: Should I Be Happy or Sad That My Friend/Family Got a Wheelchair?

turtle in wheelchairI have finally received a wheelchair. It’s a loaner until my customized HOT PINK wheelchair arrived.

Now, the real question is, “Should I be happy or sad that my friend/family member got a wheelchair?”

Personally, I’d go with happy, here’s why.

Yes, it’s sad that I got sick and that wears me down too, but you and I both need to see past that. The glass is still half full even though it’s half empty.

I am sick regardless of what I do, and it’s dragged on for over two years now.  Maybe I’ll get better soon, maybe I won’t. There’s no point of putting my life on hold any longer waiting for the morning that I wake up healthy.

I know that some of you are thinking that maybe I shouldn’t ‘give up’ and that I should ‘have more hope’ that I’ll get better rather than to give into a wheelchair.

Guess what? Getting a wheelchair does NOT mean that I am giving up, giving in, or without hope. Accommodating to my conditions isn’t considered giving up or lacking hope. What I am doing is giving myself the chance to experience a higher quality of life, to be able to go to school and go out socially despite what I am facing. Why should I want to stay at home until I feel better? What kind of life is that?

Sometimes in life bad things happen – you can either sit here waiting for the drought to end or you could build an awesome dam and irrigation system to make things work until the rain arrives.

I am going to set out and accomplish what I intend to do regardless of my barriers. For me, a wheelchair means having part of my life back and a chance to accomplish my dreams – be happy for me.


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