I Am Spiritual And These Are Some of My Beliefs


This is a controversial post – do not read it if you cannot accept the beliefs of others. This is your warning.

I am spiritual, but I do NOT subscribe to organized religion. I of course don’t mind others who are religious, but it’s just not for me.

I find that religion can help you and save you – but it also tears people apart. So many wars, so many genocides are in the name of religion. Why can’t we all just get along?

So here are my beliefs. You need not like my beliefs, but you do have to tolerate them. I have found that there is much freedom for religion, but so much stigma if you lack religion.

And just so you know, I’m not sick because I prefer to be spiritual rather than religious. There are so many people across the board who are HIGHLY religious but yet sick regardless of their beliefs. Being sick frustrates me because everyone tries to stick their religion down my throat. I’ve heard that I should rely on the Qur’an, the Bible too many times – regardless of me explaining my spiritual beliefs.

I am spiritual, I believe that we’re all connected, like flames from the same fire. I believe in mediation. I believe in detachment, I believe desire brings pain. Nothing lasts forever – but that isn’t depressing at all, it is freedom.

Anyways.. here goes.

I don’t know why we’re here and I don’t know what happens after you die. But since we are here, even if it’s for a grand reason or none at all, we are here.

We’re here with other people and organisms to share this Earth, solar system and galaxy with. So because we’re here, WE SHOULD NOT TRY TO DESTROY EACH OTHER.

Everything we do has a cause and an effect, so minimize your causalities. You can inspire someone, or you can break them. Aim for the former.

There may or may not be a reason for our existence, but we are here. We are.

We have family and friends that we can inspire, so that doesn’t mean that there’s no meaning to life even IF there isn’t a greater purpose. Make your existence count. There are no humans for millions of light years around us, in fact the humans on Earth may be the only ones that exist. The bugs, the plants, the animal may not exist anywhere else in the universe – every life counts, every life is valuable.

Thank you to @drawnyourtweet for the turning my tweets into literal art on Twitter. I absolutely love it.

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